"The Muscle Shoals: First Frontier of These United States is a fascinating history of Muscle Shoals and its relationship to
both the American South and the nation."

William Ferris, former chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities, author of "The South in Color: A Visual Journal"

"Insightful, entertaining, important. Alvin Rosenbaum's The Muscle Shoals opens your eyes to how and why this confluence of man, nature, and landscape is home to one of the nation's frontiers for cultural innovation and community collaborations.”

Carroll Van West, PhD, Director, MTSU Center for Historic Preservation, Tennessee State Historian

"The Muscle Shoals by Rosenbaum offers the first comprehensive, authoritative, and complete history of this important region for academic and non-academic audiences alike. The prose, structure, and style is engaging, thought-provoking, and logical. Simply, it reads beautifully and the historical analysis is impressive."

Robert L. Potts, President Emeritus, University of North Alabama; Chancellor Emeritus, Arkansas State University

"Part memoir, part appreciation, and part an enveloping quilt of historical stories, The Muscle Shoals is a heartfelt call for rethinking the importance of place. Weaving tangible and intangible factors, human and institutional dynamics, and past and present events, Alvin Rosenbaum underscores the value of looking at an area from both national and local


Richard Longstreth, Professor of American Studies, Emeritus, George Washington University

"Author, educator, historian and regional planner, Alvin Rosenbaum has written the definitive cultural history of the Muscle Shoals region. From Native-Americans to TVA, from Civil Rights to Rhythm and Blues, from Agriculture to Industrialization, Rosenbaum covers it all."

Ed McMahon, Senior Resident Fellow Urban Land Institute, Washington, D.C.

The Muscle Shoals

The Muscle Shoals: First Frontier of These United States is an in-depth study of a unique place in the wilds of American history. A tumbling stretch of rough water on the Tennessee River first populated by the Cherokee and Chickasaw people, the Muscle Shoals would become a magnet for settlement and trade--as well as the object of schemes and dreams, speculation, plans, and politics. Beginning some 50 years before Alabama's statehood, author Alvin Rosenbaum reveals the Muscle Shoals to be America's true first frontier.

Alvin Rosenbaum

Alvin Rosenbaum is a Muscle Shoals native and a regional planner. He has worked as a domestic and international consultant for strategic planning, public-private partnerships, and other collaborative approaches to interpreting regional landscapes for tourism, economic development, and poverty alleviation. The Muscle Shoals: First Frontier of These United States is the author’s ninth book.